I'm a product-focused startup guy who loves leading small teams building customer delighting products. I've been lucky enough to drive product on category-leading mobile apps like Sideline, TextFree, and Doodle Buddy. Back in the day, I had significant contributing roles on ground-breaking products like Treo and Palm Pilot. Of course, my career is littered (literally) with dozens of failed products. I've learned much more from the failures than the successes.

Nearly Labs

Loneliness is a real health crisis. Social isolation can lead to worse mortality rates than smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Nearly reduces loneliness for isolated family members by digitally connecting them and magically helping everyone feel together even though they may be miles apart.


Sipher's Gold

Many years ago I started a chocolate sauce business. While the business didn't go anywhere, the sauce kills. After shutting it down, I promised to "open source" the recipe. I made the "small batch" for some guests the other day, so a perfect time to share!

Small Batch Recipe


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